Stanford CS345S Autumn 2016 Project Ideas


I'm happy to indulge many different data-related projects in this course, including projects that are directly related to your own research. You'll need to eventually convince me why your proposal is suitable for this course and should be considered research, but I have confidence in your persuasiveness. I'm especially excited about projects that solve real problems, with real data and the potential for real impact.

To get you thinking, I've listed a bunch of project ideas below that could be really interesting for a quarter-long project. Many of these are more speculative than concrete; my suggestion: read them over, see what jumps out, and I am happy to work with you to scope a project that's appropriate for the quarter (and then possibly going forwards!).

Several of these projects refer to MacroBase, a new analytics engine we're developing in our research group. The broader opportunity here is that, if you do something cool in MacroBase (which is open source), a number of companies you've almost certainly heard of may use your research, and you'll have an opportunity to work closely with the FutureData M.S. and Ph.D. students and the recent Ph.D. graduate whose advice they sometimes listen to.

As always, happy to talk! — PB

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